Air Jordan 12 Low - Black Orange Storm

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Air Jordan 12 Low - Black Orange Storm


Nowadays, with the development of shoe technology, the old generation of AJ series has gradually transformed into wave shoe products. There are fewer and fewer people who play with him, and more people choose a lighter weight, better cushioning, and better ventilation and new products. This is undeniable, and the replacement of product lines is an inevitable trend of the times. And in my opinion, shoes! Born on the court, you should die on the court!


Air Jordan 12 Low - Black Orange Storm


  • Appearance: 9/10


The two orange rubber shoes on the side of the shoe, along with the huge 23 on the heel, Jordan, and the jumper logo made me look like this pair of shoes. Although he did not have the classic Air Jordan12 high-top OG color matching, it was enough to make me a stunning new color matching product.


  • Support and Protection: 7/10


Air Jordan12 sneakers outsoles are inlaid with an extremely large carbon plate, which is considered to be an extremely high-end configuration in the current configuration of the shoes, and a hefty TPU film should be built in the heel. He makes my disguise. , emergency stop, turn around can be done with confidence. The material of the toe cap also gives some protection to the pair of shoes against pedaling. A pair of LOW shoes is less satisfying in the protection of the ankle. Fortunately, the foam filling is still a conscience, which is a little to ease the strength and support.


Air Jordan12 Low - Black Orange Storm


  • Package and comfort: 5/10


If you use Air Jordan12 Low to press the road, then I give this pair of shoes 9 points, deducting a point on the breath. This is a pair of basketball shoes. There is almost no foam in the inner toe part, which makes me very worried. If I don’t wear elite socks, my toes will be scratched or topped by the leather of the toe head in the fierce competition. After wearing elite socks, these shoes were almost air-free. At the end of the game, I was anxious to immediately replace the slippers. The back of the foam part of the palm filling is still a conscience to improve the package of the entire pair of shoes.


  • Shock Relief: 9/10


The whole palm air cushion needless to say it, the first step on the hi-hat, after taking off and landing to the ground can clearly feel the air cushion absorbs most of the impact. The thick air cushion in the forefoot did not greatly affect the start of this pair of shoes. In short, I am very satisfied with cushioning, and I can absorb enough impact so that I won't be procrastinated at the start. If you use a pressure on the road, your foot feels better. Each step has a feeling of depression and rebound.


Air Jordan12 Low - Black Orange Storm


To Sum Up:


This pair of Air Jordan12 is not bad for playing a football match that is not too intense. The ability to catch the eye on the field is also good, and pressing the road is even more invincible.

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