Air Jordan 12 comprehensive evaluation experience!

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Air Jordan 12 comprehensive evaluation experience!


The Air Jordan 12 is a pair of classic, individual and comfortable sneakers. The content of the assessment is the feeling of the shoes after a certain degree of running-in, not the first actual combat of the new shoes. The purpose of the assessment is to give some advice to friends who want to buy Air Jordan 12.


In 1997, the new Air Jordan 12's first color is black and white gold buckle, 96-97 season, 96 gold generation arrived, MJ averaged 29.6 points for the 9th time to score the king, the big worm averaged 16.1 rebounds to become the rebounding king, Jordan finals Five battles in the Tianwang Mountain were wearing the Air Jordan 12 black red fever 39 degrees to get 38 points and hit the key 3 points to stage the Flu Game.


Air Jordan 12 comprehensive evaluation experience!


  • Design:


Tinker Hatfield, with an asymmetrical design, the Air Jordan 12 is the first pair of AJ sneakers with a zoom cushion, the midsole uses a full palm zoom+carbon board, and the single-layer full palm zoom is only available on the AJ12, AJ23, and AJ31.


Air Jordan 12 comprehensive evaluation experience!


  • Shoe type:


Air Jordan 12's shoes should not be big, buy it right if the foot is wide and suitable for you, the long and thin feet will feel a little empty, the toe is not smooth. The softness of the upper is very good, and the glue is not rough. Compared with the sneakers in the same period, the weight is moderate, the air permeability in general, and the spring and autumn or early winter wear is more suitable.


  • Midsole:


I think Nike's designers are more admired for the unit zoom, but I have a preference for the Air Jordan 12 full palm, I call it a sense of flow, that is, when the ground is followed by the air pressure to the forefoot, the forefoot stepping on the air pressure and shifting This is a single-layer full palm zoom unique, Air Jordan 18, 19 and other full palm plus the palm of the double-layer zoom is also very soft but can not experience the feeling of air pressure shuttle. Because it is the overall zoom, the arch has no tpu support, so there is no support under the arch.


Air Jordan 12 comprehensive evaluation experience!


  • Stable:


Air Jordan 12's outsole outer ring, outsole inner ring, carbon plate, midsole foam with a large area of different hardness, effectively support the body of the shoe, legs, and knees around the circle, the soles are stable and close to the ground.


  • Protection:


The stability of the Air Jordan 12 has the effect of preventing rollover. The upper is higher than the ankle, and the laces can completely wrap the ankle, but the laces are easier to open.


Air Jordan 12 comprehensive evaluation experience!


  • Friction:


There is no sound on the floor, not as good as a crystal outsole, but enough. The insole in the shoe is a bit slippery, you need to fasten the laces and a pair of socks.


  • Damping:


The top shock absorption feel is best for people with knee injuries. This is the biggest feature of the full palm zoom is a comfort but loss of explosive power.


Air Jordan 12 comprehensive evaluation experience!


  • Feeling:


These Air Jordan 12 shoes do not need to be worn in, the feeling of restraint is very small, and there is no obvious problem of pinching the feet. When you play, you will prefer to cast, sometimes MJ is attached, and the whole person is accurate. If you don't consciously do fake moves, you will feel very handsome when you jump back!

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