Air Jordan 13 bred black and red evaluation

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Air Jordan 13 bred black evaluation


Today I will give you a review of my new AJ13 black and red color scheme. The AJ13 was Jordan's best boot for the Bulls. At the time, it was the best configuration to use and its unique design.


Air Jordan 13 bred black evaluation

  • Exterior

The unique design of the shoe body, combined with the African Cheetah, and the eye-catching effect of a large area of 3M reflection, will undoubtedly greatly increase the points for this pair of shoes. The only downside is that it looks a bit heavy, but in the era of the time Is undoubtedly a very top boot.


Air Jordan 13 bred black evaluation

  • Cushioning


AJ13 is equipped with a Nike zoom cushion cushioning system. Zoom air cushion is Nike's best cushioning technique for cushioning on the basketball field. Even when it is pressed on the road, it can clearly feel the foot feeling of the cushion. It is a breakthrough in actual combat. The feeling is more embarrassing.


Air Jordan 13 bred black evaluation


  • Non-slip

The lines on the soles of the shoes can be firmly gripped on the ground in both the infield and the outfield, so as to ensure that they do not skimp during actual combat. The leopard claw design also shows Jordan's aggressive style of play. It does not drag on like a cheetah.

  • protection

This pair of AJ13 is a high-top shoes, very comfortable in the upper and the tongue is filled with a very thick sponge, but also makes people feel a sense of full package, the same applies to the inner lining of the shoes, the use of a leather-wrapped toe, Full of texture, you can feel a very good sense of package in actual combat, protection is beyond doubt.


Air Jordan 13 bred black evaluation

  • Breathable

This pair of shoes is so protective, so there will be some sacrifice, that is breathable, like heavy armor, the protection of high exchange rate is the reduction of permeability.

Overall, Air Jordan 13 is a pair of very good combat shoes. Even if it is placed on the top of the rankings today, it is excellent from all aspects, followed by its collection value, as the last generation of Jordan in the Bulls. On behalf of the shoes, the collection value is no doubt, followed by the bull color also greatly highlights this point.

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