Air Jordan 32 banned - "POKER ZOOM" born for flight

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POKER ZOOM flies and pays tribute to the classic has become a real hammer - AIR JORDAN XXXII forbidden to wear

Since contact with shoes, in addition to re-engraved favorite shoes, more than ten years have never expected such an Air Jordan's products come out, it sounds a bit exaggerated, which may be different from their own understanding of shoes.

Air Jordan XXXII Exclusive Shoes Box

Following the XX9, a separate shoebox has been used so far. The lid has a slightly matte texture. On the side of the short side, the outline of the retro Air Jordan wings LOGO on the short side is marked with “XXXII” on this side.


Air Jordan 32 banned - "POKER ZOOM" born for flight


  • vamp

The Air Jordan XXXII upper consists of several parts: a high-density engineered mesh with Flyknit weave, and a shoe upper with lychee leather.


Air Jordan 32 banned - "POKER ZOOM" born for flight


  • Tongue

Exquisite retro Air Jordan wings LOGO is really good, banned wearing the inner side of the tongue BANNED cross is also Air Jordan's classic story.


Air Jordan 32 banned - "POKER ZOOM" born for flight

  • heel

Tribute to the design of the Air Jordan 2 - six-dimensional solid plastic external TPU, different angles, showing different colors.


  • Torsion at midsole

The midsole is still using "FLIGHT SPEED" technology: By using a buffer board to control the energy output of each explosive jump and maximize energy recovery, the buffer board not only provides torsion-resistance but also controls the compression of the ZOOM AIR cushioning unit. And deformation.

The difference is that the Air Jordan XXXII uses a three-layer combination of a FLIGHT SPEED support plate, a midsole, and a carbon fiber laminate TPU support plate.


Air Jordan 32 banned - "POKER ZOOM" born for flight

  • Midsole

Air Jordan XXXII front and rear ZOOM air cushion, forefoot air cushion can be described as amazing, about 79.28 mm long, about 81.92 mm wide, about 11.08 mm thick.


Air Jordan 32 banned - "POKER ZOOM" born for flight


  • Outsole

The banned outer sole is a crystal that I love and hate. The front palm cushion and outer sole contact surface reveal 10.18 words. It was MJ Day. It was more than 30 years ago Michael Jordan was banned by the NBA League to wear Air Jordan 1 shoes. Day.

The shoe soles are based on herringbone outer sole lines. In fact, it is clear that the shoe lines are more visible in the shoe era than Roman numerals.

Only some of the order is too perfect. It is symmetrical about 180 degrees to the left and right. A little more marked is more obvious. Outer soles are thinner and personally considered unsuitable for cement.


   Air Jordan XXXII high-density engineering mesh combination with Flyknit weaving material, the package uses a built-in Flight Web fitting system, the use of mesh straps to wrap the foot, and combined with Flyknit weave to bring about the foot effect of the package. It can be imagined that the instep of a friend with a high back height is slightly more oppressive. With the forefoot ZOOM air cushion, the configuration of the ZOOM cushion in the back of the palm can only be felt by cushioning and rebound.

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