Big burst - Air Jordan XX9 evaluation

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Big burst - Air Jordan XX9 evaluation


Today's evaluation is the Air Jordan XX9 burst model.


Big burst - Air Jordan XX9 evaluation


  • Vamp​


The Air Jordan XX9 features the world's first functional knitted upper, and a four-layer woven upper provides wearer comfort, support, strength, and protection. Feet fastened on the lace Feeling XX9 feels like a piece of clothing, the steps do a start-up, the soles of the shoes are very flexible, the overall feeling is not bad.


The package of the shoes uses the Flight Web fitting system, which uses a mesh strap to wrap the foot and combines it with the shoelace to bring about a better fit to the foot. The Air Jordan XX9 takes into account the comfort of the heel, and the interesting thing is that the XX9's in-foot ankle sponge, like the Air Jordan Melo 10, confirms this design from another angle, with a small, prominent sponge at the upper of the heel.


Air Jordan XX9 toe soles have an independent flying person to act as the big toe force point, almost the same with Air Jordan 12 soles with the same location of the trapeze LOGO.


Big burst - Air Jordan XX9 evaluation


  • Air cushion technology


The Air Jordan XX9 uses the technology of a double-cylinder ZOOM cushion in the forefoot. Compared to the previous generation of shoes at the forefoot, it is also a double-air chamber ZOOM cushion, but the direction has changed, and Air Jordan XXX continues to use this direction is also a certainty.


The main change is that the forefoot outsole cushions the inside of the shoe and is not as prominent as the previous generation. Although the bulge may be reduced to a certain degree, the foot feel is not as good as that of the previous generation Q. It may also be that the foot is prominent. Big ZOOM is spoiled, and it's fair to say that the Air Jordan XX9 has a very good ZOOM.


Air Jordan XX9 has a suspended design in the center of the heel, and has a certain physical shock absorption effect; Air Jordan XX9 arch has a "one" through the midsole, in the movement of the center of gravity from the back of the palm can be a smooth transition to the forefoot; The Air Jordan XX9 midsole uses FlightPlate technology. By using the Pebax buffer board to control the energy output of each explosive jump and maximize energy recovery, the buffer board not only provides torsion resistance but also controls the compression of the Zoom Air cushioning unit. And deformation.


Big burst - Air Jordan XX9 evaluation


  • Anti-eversion


Air Jordan XX9 has a tough plastic on the two sides of the forefoot and the back of the palm that is perpendicular to the sole of the sole. They are combined together by FlightPlate to form a basic midsole structure. On the outside of the shoe, the “plastic” is also just right. There is a protrusion at the toe that acts just outside the little toe to prevent valgus.


Redesigned sole lines, on the basis of the bottom of the word processing for the overall flow of water, good grip; wear degree, the soles of the lines or layers of consideration, soles running to a certain degree of grip does not fall, but this With 10 years ago, the Air Jordan 19's sole was a principle. Laces are all elliptical laces, and the laces are rounded to facilitate access.


Big burst - Air Jordan XX9 evaluation


  • Advantage


The improved dual-chamber air cushion has improved the controversial ZOOM AIR high drum kit of the previous generation; the functional weaving of the upper. The grip performance was excellent in the plastic field, and there was no slippage in starting the emergency stop.


  • Shortcomings


The protection of the big toe is almost zero, and friends who have injured big toes are carefully selected.

Air Jordan XX9 exclusive guard shoes, start quickly, excellent grip, slow down, upper support slightly worse, but usually, the road is very comfortable.

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