Can the Air Jordan 32 continue the aura of "top match boots"?

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Can the Air Jordan 32 continue the aura of "top match boots"?


Can the Air Jordan 32 continue the aura of "top match boots"?


Air Jordan XXX2 is undoubtedly the most recent heavyweight Sneaker shoes new product. With Air Jordan 2 as the design inspiration, Jordan Brand also put many of the brand's latest technology into it.


From the configuration point of view, Air Jordan XXX2 can be regarded as the most top actual combat basketball shoes today!


Front and rear palm separation Zoom Air, Flight Speed, anti-twist carbon fiber board, high-tenacity yarn made of Flyknit knitted uppers, followed by a large area of TPU stabilizing blocks and a new line of translucent crystal outsole!


Can the Air Jordan 32 continue the aura of "top match boots"?


  • Pulse-like cushioning experience


Increased area of the front and rear palm separation Zoom cushioning unit with the newly upgraded Flight Speed, brings a very embarrassing wearing a sense of foot!


Widening the enlarged forefoot Zoom makes the feedback more direct and brings an explosive pulse effect at the start of acceleration, while the Zoom Air cushion after adjustment is more flexible and easy to manipulate in the breakthrough phase.


  • Stable support performance


The Air Jordan XXX2 is equipped with a carbon fiber board. This lightweight, corrosion-resistant, a rigidly supported material with external softness provides the superior anti-twist effect. In a large disguised form, the deformation of the shoes is well prevented, and the protection of the feet and ankles is given!


When doing a turn and a side-slip step, the half-enveloped TPU followed by a high-toughness Flyknit shoe will firmly control the feet and provide good stability support for the feet and ankles!



Can the Air Jordan 32 continue the aura of "top match boots"?


  • Compact package performance


With a new knitted grain upper with a thicker heel and an improved upper design, the tightly wrapped state makes people feel safe!


The Air Jordan XXX2's shoe soles are aimed at the new improvement of the Asian foot style. The space for the forefoot increases, and there will be no pinching in the movement process!


  • Excellent grip


The pattern of the outsole is infused with the design of the Roman numerals “XXXII” and is considered to be the crowning touch.


Whether it is positive or lateral emergency stop, it shows a good grip effect, and touch feedback on the ground is also very good.


  • Luxurious materials, beautiful appearance, rich details


Air Jordan XXX2 is inspired by Air Jordan 2 and for the first time uses Flyknit weaving uppers on the sneakers. The design concept of hidden laces is added. Leathers of different materials are used for stitching at the upper.


Starting Air Jordan XXX2 "Rosso Corsa" is based on the color of Michael Jordan's favorite Ferrari sports car. It also has Ferrari's one-button start button printed on the insole. It symbolizes the swiftness of this shoe! Provide a sense of ritual for your shoes to play!


The tongue of the shoe has a retro Air Jordan flying wing logo, and the midsole is the Jumpman logo. The three-dimensional upper design symbolizes Michael Jordan's six championships!


Can the Air Jordan 32 continue the aura of "top match boots"?

With the most advanced technology research and development capabilities and product manufacturing capabilities, Jordan Brand has still not missed the creation of Air Jordan XXX2. The following 3 are justifications for this XXX2:


1. Before and after Zoom Air + Flyknit shoe body, the two core sports science, and technology cooperation, the sports performance is irrebuttable


2. The Flight Speed mid-sole platform with carbon panels is also the gorgeous equipment for the debut. From visual to practical applications, they are all perfect.


3. to please the appearance of fashion, inherited the Air Jordan 2's artistic temperament, have to say that Air Jordan XXX2, especially the first pure red color on the upper foot is particularly good-looking!

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