Death has come - Air Jordan 13 "Bred"

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Death has come - Air Jordan 13 "Bred"


It ended the opponent and also ended Jordan’s bull years.


"I won't play in this color. It's the color of the 'Devil' Satan!" This was Michael Jordan's first reaction when he saw the black and red Air Jordan 13. He was not yet integrated into the black and red bull culture. The heart is as clear as the North Carolina blue.


Death has come - Air Jordan 13 "Bred"


Over time, he gradually discovered that if he wanted to establish a foothold in the league, he would only be able to turn himself into a demon, otherwise he would be eaten by the Pistons in the East, would be a knight, and even be destroyed by the 76ers.


Jordan's inner heart lived with the devil and drove him to become a nightmare for opponents in the game. Black and red passed by on the court. Larry Bird said: "Tonight, God is Jordan himself."


But more people will not be as calm as Bird, they deeply feel that Jordan is a devil during the game, on both sides of the offensive and defensive opponents, in the final moment of death to complete the game!


Jordan is the god of the older generation of fans, and when he returned to the basketball team to win three consecutive championships, he became even more terrifying every playoff, including his sneakers, which turned black and red, from Air Jordan 11 to Air Jordan 14. That's all.


In the 1998 playoffs, the "Last Dance" season was hailed by Jordan and his Bulls as the toughest season. Pippen's injury, Rodman's status went from bad to worse. Jordan often led the team alone and the first game of the regular season. Lost to the young Celtics, when Jordan wore Air Jordan 13 "panda", his debut was not good.


Death has come - Air Jordan 13 "Bred"


When the Air Jordan 13 first made its appearance, it was a little oozing and others could not accept it. But as Jordan drew three more MVPs, Lian Zhuang's best lineup, Air Jordan 13, these shoes were inspired by Jordan's own nickname “Black Cat”. More people love it, especially after Ray Allen puts it into the “He Got Game” movie, its influence is increasing day by day.


The playoffs are tough. The Nets, the Hornets, the Pacers, and all the others are all bad guys. Jordan often spends more energy than before, more playing time to deal with these opponents, so this also gives him more exposure to the dark red.


In the 1998 playoffs, Jordan's countdown to the final time of the Bulls, each limited edition is extremely precious, the same for the Air Jordan bull color. At the time, Jordan's boots were dominated by the black and white Air Jordan 13 “Playoffs.” After the promotion, the black and red Air Jordan 13 began to surface, and during the period, the “flyers” also passed through the low-level version of the Air Jordan 13 “Playoffs” while walking in and out. In the seven games of the team, black and red AJ13 has been accompanied by Jordan.


Death has come - Air Jordan 13 "Bred"


Air Jordan 13 "Bred" is the color that best represents the bull, the black perforated leopard spot, the red suede connecting the heel and the midsole. What's more important is that the upper is made of 3M reflective material. In the first year, the gray and blue GiGi color is also 3M, but that Joe grandfather did not wear the game, only black and red.


In order to promote the retired Air Jordan 14, Jordan and Jordan branded the black and red 14 with a "last dance" reputation, but it is undeniable that the black and red 13 is accompanied by Jordan's most difficult postseason tour...


On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Air Jordan 13's birth, the most classic color combinations have returned. Before the black and red 13 return, there has been white and red "Chicago", black and blue and turmeric low-help version of the first year of the first year of color return, now turn Black and red 13. I remember that before the 20th anniversary of the Air Jordan 12's birth, the black and red 12 "disease down" coloration caused a sensation, and now the black and red 13 is also attracting much attention.


The "death", which exudes a horror, comes again.

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