Reasons for girls to buy Air Jordan shoes

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Reasons for girls to buy Air Jordan shoes


Hi Girl, today we will find out why girls should buy a pair of Jordan women's shoes?


Girls wearing AJ will appear slender and sunny, because AJ shoes are mostly high-top, will pull the legs longer. AJ is ultra-versatile, from underwear to sportswear, it can enhance the body's wearing taste: both street and masculine; both style and another uniquely independent sexy. Boys are generally over-stunned by Sneaker, who feel that girls who wear sneakers have a particularly attractive charm.


Reasons for girls to buy Air Jordan shoes


So how do we choose Jordan women's shoes like a girl?


Here we offer the Air Jordan series of basketball shoes for the beautiful cool girls. There are Air Jordan 1, Air Jordan 3, Air Jordan 4, Air Jordan 6, Air Jordan 7, Air Jordan 11 These are the first choice for girls, other depending on the color.


The difference between so many styles is as follows: AIR JORDAN 1 is the most classic one among all the Jordan shoe series. It was Jordan's first double debut and helped him win the league's scoring title and best newcomer. The most classic of these is the black and red color scheme.


AIR JORDAN 2 removes the NIKE hook logo that sneakers have always used and adopted the French design concept, which is characterized by a simple design concept. In the same year, Jordan scored the highest score of 63 points in the history of the playoffs and averaged 37.1 points to score the scoring title.


Reasons for girls to buy Air Jordan shoes


Jordan's humanoid pattern design, which was based on the basket, was adopted for the first time. Together with Jordan's second year in the NBA, he won the [Scoring King] title and [The Defensive Player of the Year], making AIR JORDAN 3 a big hit in the market. welcome. At this time, Jordan’s TV commercial with the famous director Shrike Lee also became a topic of discussion among fans.


Many girls love the color of AIR JORDAN 4, and the air cushion in the palm is very comfortable to wear, which is very suitable for girls. It is also the one with the most color matching and cooperation.


AIR JORDAN 5 also uses special reflective materials on the tongue! Make the tongue look more dazzling at any angle! The sole is made of the same material as the automatic laces of the movie "Back to the Future". This pair of eye-catching high-tech sneakers has become the strong pillar of Jordan who has won the title of [Scoring King] for four consecutive years. It also has another diehard owner whose name is Rukawa.


Reasons for girls to buy Air Jordan shoes


AIR JORDAN 6 pays more attention to the comfort of sports shoes such as bare feet. It adopts the design of the shell-shaped body to cover the whole foot, making it an excellent fit. In this year, Jordan not only helped the Bulls to win the NBA championship, the regular season and the finals double MVP, but the title of the scoring title was also five years, and the domineering was exposed.


AIR JORDAN 7 is also a pair of very colorful shoes, combined with bright colors, especially in the tongue is more beautiful! There is also a 23rd mark on the heel, which is JORDAN's first pair of shoes with the 23rd back! Leading Jordan to defend the NBA championship in the second year, he also became the hero of the 1992 Olympic gold medal.


Reasons for girls to buy Air Jordan shoes


AIR JORDAN 10 describes the brilliant record of Jordan's 10 years of playing on the NBA court on the outside of the sole. In the United States, AIR JORDAN's tenth generation is listed in urban-limited colors, with a total of five colors on the market, including the all-black and red-and-white styles.


AIR JORDAN 11 A pair of JORDAN shoes that symbolize the new generation, the first time in the sneakers used patent leather! This is an idea that I have never had before. In addition to the shoe itself is very light, the sole part of the shoe has a faint JUMPMAN word, is Jordan's favorite one.


Reasons for girls to buy Air Jordan shoes


AIR JORDAN 13 This shoe is inspired by the leopard, especially the heel of the heel. The JUMPMAN logo is like a leopard's eye!

At the same time, the design of the sole is also a very great innovation, the sole is like a leopard claw! The grip type that represents the shoes is more perfect, and the two-piece ZOOM AIR air cushion is used! The rear pad on both sides of the shoe can protect the foot and prevent the foot from spraining when jumping! In general, the 13th generation is still a very good pair of shoes!

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